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Sagrada Familia

The with more than 1.5 million visitors peryear, it is the most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona. If you have already placed the visit of Barcelona - Sagrada Familia, one of your first attractions to see. With his style of Gaudi towers and the facade extraordinary sagrada familia is one of the most impressive buildings in Barcelona horizon.
Histoire de la Sagrada Familia

In 1883 Antoni Gaudi started to arrive at what the construction of the so-called "church of the poor". In collaboration with Barcelona artists, he supervises the work until his death in 1926. So far, the Sagrada Familia is not yet finished and will perhaps never. The reason is very simple: The Sagrada Familia were to be built solely by donations as part of the
Hotels in Barcelona original concept.

In the first, almost 40 years of construction next to the surveillance, the key activities of the sagrada familia were completed. Construction of the crypt and the eastern façade of the Saint-Joseph-Gaudi completed in the work of the Sagrada Familia. In 1898 Gaudi modification of the original plans have in turn quadrangular steeples. This is what is happening today is the Sagrada Familia its impressive and reached a glance.
Gaudi buried next to the Sagrada Familia

In 1926 Antoni Gaudi died and was buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Familia. The city of Barcelona, mourns the loss of one of the largest, Sun. Until 1930 all spires of the eastern part of the facade of the Sagrada Familia, which ended the year 1954 and started working in the
Barcelona Hotels, the facade was completed in the year 1986.

In the future, the tower 175 meters high, Jesus is planned to be built, which is one of the highest towers of the
Sagrada Familia Tour
Today, you can Sagrada Familia, is located on the Place de la Sagrada. Telephone 932073031st Sagrada Familia, the entry is about 6 euros. During the summer of the Sagrada Familia is open to visitors from 9 to 20 h.